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Architecting Vue.js 3 Enterprise-Ready Web Applications

Build and deliver scalable and high-performance, enterprise-ready applications with Vue and JavaScript

Hundreds Copies sold World wide

Translated in 8 languages

Rated 4.6 on Amazon

Perfected throughout all editions

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Adegbenga Agoro Co-Founder / CTO at Crenet

I was fortunate enough to preview the book before its official release, and I must say, it is an outstanding piece of work. The author skillfully delivers clear and actionable insights for both Vue.js and non-Vue.js frontend engineers. With its timeless principles, this book offers invaluable strategies for scaling your frontend applications, catering to a wide range of developers. Kudos to Solomon for creating such an amazing resource!

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Adora Nwodo Software Engineer II at Microsoft

I was excited to come across this book. I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The book is well-structured, and the author does an excellent job of explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. What sets this book apart is its focus on enterprise-level applications. The author (Solomon) provides practical guidance on how to architect and build applications that are scalable, high-performance, and maintainable. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to take their Vue3 skills to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, you'll find value in this book. It's a must-have resource for anyone looking to build enterprise-ready applications with Vue3 and JavaScript.

L. Laurents's profile picture

L. Laurents Software Engineer

Overall I got a lot out of this book, The author is clear and concise. Having purchased many templates over the years, some were basic some were really advanced, bending those to what I needed was a pain, this is a great book for Vue.js in general. If I had read this book before building cloud front ends for over three years It would have saved me some serious frustrations. A good reference book to have around, glad I had the chance to review it.

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Anton Saienko Front End Developer (Vue.js) at BuyerBridge

This book is a "must-have" if you want to create Real-Web full scaled Applications! The author covers almost everything you would want to know about Vue. There are chapters about testing, deploying, and even dockerizing your Vue app! The book is easy to follow and provides excellent explanations for all the fundamental concepts. Most importantly that it covers the latest Vue version (Vue 3) and all the latest updates! Of course, each chapter goes with nice examples of code. Overall impressions are very good. This is so far the best book about Vue that I've read so far. I can definitely recommend it to everybody who is willing to learn Vue

Pavan's profile picture

Pavan Software Engineer

Clear and Concise introduction on how to build Enterprise Web Applications. Overall this is a good book and I give it 4 starts. The writing is friendly and not too technical, which makes it accessible for a beginner. The book is not too big and acts as a good starting point for developing large scale frontend applications.

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Daniel Fernandez Full Stack Software Engineer at Verde Mining

This book would be a great place to begin or continue learning about frontend development with Vue. It is a great starting point for beginners and can definitely teach intermediate developers a lot about the framework, such as Automated Testing for the framework, deployment of a Vue application, and generally important information about state management, routing and working with APIs in the framework. It isn't too technical, which makes the reading easy to follow and understand, and by the end you will definitely have learned how to develop the major parts of a large-scale frontend application. I would recommend the book as solid material for Vue 3 and suggest that if you decide to get this book, follow along through the example applications on your own laptop or computer so that the material is better understood!

Nina Ortega's profile picture

Nina Ortega Web Designer at Ralla Klepak

I received this book as a reviewer copy and what I enjoyed the most about the book was the ease of the read. I have a hard time reading very technical jargon and this book broke things down into simple and easy-to-understand definitions and steps. It has definitely helped expand and deepen my knowledge.

Learn how to creating high-performance and scalable Vue 3 applications.

Node.js Design Patterns book cover

A comprehensive, best-practices guide to building Vue.js apps that can scale along with your business

Building enterprise-ready Vue.js apps entails following best practices for creating high-performance and scalable applications.

Complete with step-by-step explanations and best practices outlined, this Vue.js book is a must-read for any developer who works with a large Vue.js codebase where performance and scalability are indispensable.

Throughout this book, you'll learn how to configure and set up Vue.js 3 and the composition API and use it to build real-world applications.

You'll develop the skills to create reusable components and scale performance in Vue.js 3 applications. As you progress, the book guides you in scaling performance with asynchronous lazy loading, image compression, code splitting, and tree shaking.

Furthermore, you'll see how to use the Restful API, Docker, GraphQL, and different types of testing to ensure that your Vue.js 3 application is scalable and maintainable.

By the end of this book, you'll be well-versed in best practices for implementing Restful API, Docker, GraphQL, and testing methods to build and deploy an enterprise-ready Vue.js 3 application of any scale.

What's in the book

Architecting Vue is the book for software engineers who want to master Frontend, Vue 3 and implement production and scalable Vue 3 applications with confidence.

100+ Working examples & many exercises

With hundreds of working examples, you immediately put into practice everything you learn. Every code sample comes with a full step-by-step explanation, so you don't have to spend time to guess how things work.

13 Exquisitely crafted chapters

Every chapter will bring you one step closer to becoming a Vue 3 expert. From the basics of the Vue 3 architecture to how to scale and distribute your enterprise application, the book covers almost every aspect of professional Vue 3 development.

272 Pages packed with knowledge

A good learning experience can't be achieved by only throwing code and notions at the reader. Architecting Vue comes with in-depth explanations and examples, so that even a novice can follow and immediately take advantage of advanced techniques.

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Getting Started with Vue.js 3

Before we start learning how to develop enterprise-ready applications with Vue.js 3, you need to understand Vue 3 and the different features it is bundled with to help you navigate through building scalable and enterprise-ready applications. We will cover the essential aspects of Vue 3 that will directly influence how we develop an enterprise application with Vue.js 3. We also looked at creating your first Vue 3 application using Vite and the fundamental reasons for using Vite instead of the other available options.

    Node.js Design Patterns chapter 9 behavioral design patterns

    Table of Contents

    Every chapter has been carefully crafted to explore and master a particular area of Vue.js 3 Enterprise-Ready Web Applications

    1. Getting Started with Vue 3

      This chapter covers Vue.js, the Options API, the new Vue.js 3, and the Composition API. Thus, it lays a precise part and fosters the understanding of Vue.js. In addition, this chapter will explore the Vue.js 3 composition API in-depth and serve as a guide to understand the other chapters.

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    2. Using Libraries for Large Scale Application

      This chapter is a dive deeper into using Vuex, Vue-router, and Axios to build an Enterprise-Ready App. You will learn how to properly utilize these libraries to develop large-scale applications with maintainability and scalability

    3. Scaling Performance in Vue.js 3

      In this chapter, we will dive deeper into scaling an extensive Vue application, you will learn how to scale performance with asynchronous lazy loading, image compression, code splitting, tree shaking, and many other tricks to better increase the performance of your Vue.js 3 enterprise-ready application.

    4. Architecture for Large Scale Web Apps

      This chapter will learn how to handle a sizable enterprise-ready project, from managing larger file structures to using the Micro Frontend architecture. You will also learn how to handle the internationalization and localization of your Vue.js 3 project.

    5. Intro to GraphQL Apollo Server 2, Queries, Mutations and RESTFUL

      In this chapter, you will explore GraphQL, GraphQL Apollo Server 2, Queries, Mutations, and how to integrate these technologies into your Vue.js 3 application. In addition, you will learn how to utilize GraphQL to deliver scalable and high-performing applications.

    6. Build a complete Pinterest Clone with Vue 3 GraphQL

      You will learn how to build a complete Pinterest Clone with Vue 3 and GraphQL. You will utilize the knowledge of GraphQL to develop and deliver an enterprise application such as Pinterest using Vue 3 and GraphQL.

    7. Dockerizing Vue App

      In this chapter, you will learn the nitty-gritty involved in dockerizing your Vue project. In addition, you will learn best practices and industry-standard to dockerize and deploy an enterprise Vue.js 3 web application. This chapter will also go more practical by dockerizing a full-stack web application and deploying the container to a cloud platform using Docker Compose. You will learn how to handle larger projects with Docker Compose.

    8. Testing and What to Test in Vue 3

      In this chapter, you will explore the whole concept of Testing. You will learn what to test from an array of components and methods available. In addition, you will learn best practices and industry standards testing libraries and how to integrate them with Vue.js 3.

    9. Best Practice in Unit Testing

      In this chapter, you will explore everything related to Unit Testing. You will learn how to unit test a Vue.js 3 component and the components and pages’ methods. You will also learn Unit Testing tools such as Jest and Mocha and use them to effectively unit Test an enterprise project.

    10. Integration testing in Vue.js 3

      In this chapter, you will explore everything related to Integration Testing. You will learn in-depth how to perform an Integration test on a Vue.js 3 component and pages. You will also learn Integration Testing tools such as Vue-Test-Library and how to use them to test an enterprise project effectively.

    11. Industry Standard End-to-End Testing

      In this chapter, you will explore everything related to End-to-End Testing. You will learn in-depth how to perform End-to-End testing on a Vue.js 3 component and pages. In addition, you will also learn End-to-End Testing tools such as Cypress, Puppeteer, and how to use them to End-to-End Test an enterprise project effectively.

    12. Deploying Vue.js 3 to the Cloud

      In this chapter, you will learn how to deploy Vue.js 3 projects to the AWS Cloud. You will learn the best practices in deploying to AWS. In addition, you will learn how big companies deploy their enterprise Vue applications.

    13. Advanced Vue.js Frameworks

      This chapter explores the definitive guide to Nuxt.js. You will learn the nitty-gritty of Nuxt.js and how to build and deliver enterprise SSR projects with Vue.js 3. We will explore the definitive guide to Gridsome. You will learn the nitty-gritty of Gridsome and how to build and deliver enterprise CSR projects with Vue.js 3.

    Meet the author

    Meet Solomon, a passionate Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience in developing scalable and innovative software

    Solomon Eseme

    Solomon Eseme's picture

    Solomon Eseme is an experienced Software Engineer, Content Creator, and Founder of Mastering Backend with 5+ years of experience working across multiple frontend and backend technologies to design and build high-performing, scalable and innovative applications following best practices and industry standards in a variety of workplaces from start-ups to larger consultancies.

    He started using Vue since it was first integrated with Laravel and never looked back.

    He is also a panelist on the ViewsOnVue podcast and technical writer with VueJs Developers.

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    The Vue.js 3 book is for Vue.js developers and professional frontend developers who want to build high-performance, production-grade, and highly scalable enterprise Vue.js apps from design to deployment. The book assumes working knowledge of Vue.js and JavaScript programming.

    This book assumes that you have an intermediate understanding of JavaScript, web application development, Frontend Development, and previou version of Vue 2. If you are new to JavaScript but you are familiar with other languages and technologies this book can still be a valuable resource for you but we do recommend you to get familiar with the basics of JavaScript first. Some good FREE resources you could check out are Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript introduction by W3C, JavaScript in 30 days, and Vue.js 3 By Example.

    This book will teach you how to Implement Vue.js 3 to create Vue.js application with improved performance, you will explore the Vue.js 3 composition API in-depth while building your enterprise application while ensuring the scalability and maintainability of your apps with different types of testing

    This book will learn how to scale your app's performance in Vue.js 3 using best practices, Implement testing strategies for large-scale Vue.js codebase, Manage large file structures using the micro frontend architecture, Discover the industry standard to Dockerize and deploy an enterprise Vue.js 3 web application, Use GraphQL to deliver scalable and high-performing applications, and Explore various testing libraries and how to integrate them with Vue.js 3

    No. Architecting Vue.js 3 Enterprise-Ready Web Applications is the result of countless hours of hard work by the authors, the reviewers, and many professionals at Packt, so we simply can't afford to give it away for free. If you want to have a feeling about the quality of the content in the book, you can download Chapter 9: Best Practice in Unit Testing for FREE. You can also check out for FREE all the code examples available in the book on the official GitHub repository.

    The book has 13 chapters totaling about 272 pages.

    The book was written to give you continuity throughout the chapters so that you can enjoy reading the book from the first to the very last page. Although, if you are already familiar with many Vue.ja concepts and architectures, you can easily skim through the chapters and focus only on the content that matters the most to you. Check out the Table of Contents if you want to have a better feeling on how the book is structured.

    The first edition of this book (released in April 2023) has been updated to cover the features of the most recent Vue LTS version (Vue.js 3). Architecting Vue.js 3 Enterprise-Ready Web Applications (first edition) leverages modern best practices and Vue.js features such as Composition API.

    All the code examples contained in the book are available on GitHub and can be accessed for FREE.

    Architecting Vue.js 3 Enterprise-Ready Web Applications provides a mix of simple examples and real-life applications to gradually introduce you to new topics. In this book, we developed an enterprise Pinterest Clone application. You can checkout the source code for these examples for FREE on GitHub.

    Every chapter comes with a set of engaging coding exercises and steps crafted to put your new learnings into practice.

    You are more than welcome to reach out to the author on Twitter (@kaperskyguru)